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June 06 2018

yes, i like kissing hedghogs, im not sorry
fav child
was trying painting without lineart
Muddy Waters
In the muddy water we’re falling
In the muddy water we’re crawling
Holds me down
Hold me now
Sold me out
In the muddy water we’re falling

Don’t fail me now
Put your arms around me and pull me out
I know I’m found
With your arms around me, oh save me now


Spróbujmy, czy dA lubi mnie bardziej od tumblra, lol 

April 09 2018



I’ve drawn this for a friend I know for 5 years, but never gave her anything for b-day ;u;’’’ 

She has 2 cats, 2 chinchillas, own second hand shop, will finish university this year and she named her car Wild Strawberry~ happy birthday to her! :*

April 03 2018


March 13 2018

okay, okay so Natan is not completly furry character since most of the time he use his full-human form or full-animal form, but sometimes I like draw him in antro form, and that was this day. Also he became father not so long ago /// <3 ♥ 
Minnie doggie
my dog in handsome clothes, who doesnt like dogs in suits xD

January 17 2018

jelen z jelonkiem
My shading style didnt change a lot, but I'm not afraid of deep colors (I've learned that the best shading colors for me are that I choose myself not grey + multiply.) and shadows anymore /o/  Also I know more what I'm doing and where is light source.


January 16 2018

Triti titi
my OC Deeren like a Disney Prince(ss) again 

Apr 2013 vs Jan 2018
If I didnt draw since apr 2017 are those skills from now or then???? 
as promised to a lot of people once I've got new laptop, finaly I was able to instal drivers to my tablet and start drawing again. Dunno when I've started avoid drawing traditionaly but srlsly I wasnt drawing since arpil 2017 this is my 3rd art this year, and also first worth showing. 

Anyway I'm really excited about this progress not only in anathomy or shading skills but also I've finaly acept that I can't a lot of things without references. If I remember corectly I wanted those birds and buterlies on the old one more fantasy and disney-like (you know like those blue and red birds form Beauty and the Beast) but that's didn't mean I should ignore references X''D 

I'm still thinking about move on the new account to start fresh, and I've created one, but ...i dont know... so I post this and full art here and will think about it again X'D 

June 15 2017

June 14 2017

June 13 2017

June 12 2017

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